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Plantation Shutters for  Doors
Elegant Touch Interiors Inc.

Elegant Touch Interiors can transform your French or sliding glass doors with Norman Plantation Shutters. These shutters offer the perfect balance of privacy and light control while adding a stylish touch to your home. Available in bi-fold or bypass styles for sliding glass doors and custom sizes for French doors, our shutters are the ideal window treatment solution.

Plantation Shutters for French Doors

These Shutters have custom cut-out to accommodate different types of handle and levers

Norman SHUTTER french door 1.webp

Expertly Crafted with multiple cut-out options to accommodate a variety of handles, locks and levers.

Interior Plantation Shutters Cut-Out options for French Doors.
Cut-out options available for French door shutters
Normandy Wood Plantation Shutter with a french door cut-out
Woodlore Plus Composite Shutter with a french door cut-out

Plantation Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors

Do you have a sliding glass door? No problem ! The experts at Elegant Touch will provide solutions using interior plantation shutters in a by-pass or bi-fold application.

Bi-Fold Interior Plantation Shutters

When we are faced with sliding glass doors and budget allows. One solution we suggest is Bi-fold interior plantation shutters. These can be made from wood or from composite wood. The Bi-fold featuring AutoTilt  is a nice feature of these custom shutters.

Dark Stained Normandy Wood Shutters cover a wide patio door in this studio apartments living room
White Woodlore Plus Composite Plantation Shutters installed over this patio door in this living room
Normandy Bi-Fold shutters in the open stacked position covers a patio door

By-Pass Interior Plantation Shutters

When there is plenty of room for the panels to slide back onto the wall custom by-pass interior plantation shutters can be a handsome alternative. These can utilize up to 3 tracks giving you different configurations of stacking.
There are two options:
Closed bypass shutter-the louvers need to be placed in the closed position in order to safely slide the shutters back and forth.
Open bypass shutter-the louvers can remain in the open position while they are slid back and forth.

Wood By-fold interior plantation shutter on a door
By-pass wood interior plantation shutter

If these pictures catch your attention. Imagine the impact that interior plantation shutters will have on your doors. Contact Elegant Touch to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced shutter experts!

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