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Window Treatments for Shaped Windows
Elegant Touch Interiors Inc.

Covering specialty-shaped windows can be a challenge, but not with our Specialty Shaped Window Treatments. At Elegant Touch Interiors, our expert team has the experience and knowledge to ensure you get the perfect fit for your unique window shape. From covering arches to triangles, we have a variety of products to choose from.

Cellular Shades Options for Specialty Shaped Windows

Cellular shade for angled top window
Cellular Shades for Skylights and Angled Top Windows

Honeycomb Shades can be used in unique situations:

Specialty shaped windows.

Skylight Windows-great option and is operable

French Doors and sliding doors (as a vertical cellular shade)


Bay and Bow Windows

Vertical Cellular Shade
Parasol Cellular Shades Can cover these shaped windows

Honeycomb Shades and Cellular Shades can cover the following shapes:

Circles, Quarter Circles, Hexagon, Octagon, Arches (as a stationary shade or as an operable Slide Arch), Palladian Angle, Angle Top, Bottom up Trapezoid and Top Down Trapezoid.

Plantation Shutter Options for Specialty Shaped Windows

Plantation Shutters can cover the following shapes:

Circles, Quarter Circles, Hexagon, Octagon, Arches (with fanned louvers or horizontal louvers), Palladian Angle, Angle Top, Trapezoid, Just about every shape and layout of that shape imaginable.

Plantation Shutter Specialty Shapes
Woodlore Plus Composite Shutters Installed in Skylight Windows in this sunroom

Woodlore Plus Installed in Sky Light Windows in this sunroom

Other Options for Specialty Shaped Windows

Manh Truc Woven Wood Shades: 
​Can be used on Angled top and Arch Top Windows. Only the horizontal portion of the shade is operable

Manh Truc arch top woven wood shade
Manh Truc Woven shades cover two arch windows in this living room

Tenera Sheer Horizontal Shades:
Can be used on Angled top and Arch Top Windows. The shade will not be operable and the slats will be set in the open position.

Tenera Sheer Horizontal Shade with Arch Top
Tenera Angle Top Sheer Horizontal Shade
ALLURE Transitional Shade Arch Shape set in the open position
Allure Transitional Arch Shade in closed position

Allure Transitional Shades: 
Can be used on Arch Top Windows. The shades will be set permanently in the open or closed position. Shade is not operable.

Genesis Shades installed on an arch top window
Genesis Roman Angled Top Shade

Genesis Roman Shades: 
Can be used on Angle Top and Arch Top Windows. The top portion will be permanently fixed and only the rectangular portion is operable.

Sheer Sunbursts: 
Can be used on different types of arch top and angled top windows. Permanently fixed into place. These softly diffuse light.

sunburst sheer

Specialty shaped windows can be a real challenge to cover. Whether you’re facing an unusual arch, circle, or hexagon, our window treatment experts are here to help. With years of experience under their belts, our team can help you find the perfect solution. Reach out to Elegant Touch Interiors to. Schedule your consultation today!

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