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Allure Transitional Shades 
Elegant Touch Interiors Inc.

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The magic of allure shades lies in the unique views that are created with bands of fabric in varying opacities. As you set your shades, vanes transition pass each other providing total light and privacy control. Let the experts at Elegant Touch show you this remarkable product and all of the available fabric choices.

Allure Transitional Shade
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Allure Options

Choice of bottom rail and cassette colors and styles.

Motorization and smart home integration options available.

Custom shapes available.

Choice of Three vane sizes, plus two additional unique patterns.

Large selection of colors and opacities

Certified "Best for Kids" for the Accu-Rise Cordless  and motorized lifting systems

Allure Transitional Shade

Features and Benefits

Variations in Light Control-Overlap the sections when the light is too intense. Adjust them slightly to allow light to softly diffuse.

Multiple Unique Views-Go from being able to watch your children playing in the back yard to having privacy. You control the view.

Fabric Choices-You have over 100 fabrics and textures choices to work with your home.

Protects Furniture and Floors-Allure shades block out the harmful UV rays.

Allure is a unique product that comes in a variety of textures and shades. Easy to use and catches ones eye. Let us bring this incredibly attractive and practical product to your home. Contact Elegant Touch today!

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