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Parasol cellular shades with operable arch shade

Cellular Shades & Honeycomb Shades
Elegant Touch Interiors Inc.

 Cellular Shades are a great product for unique situations such as half circle arch windows

 Cellular Shades, which are also called Honeycomb Shades, are a versatile type of window treatment with very easy functionality and a streamlined, minimalist design that can make them seem to blend in with many different aesthetically styled rooms. Some of the unique benefits of cellular shades could make them the perfect solution for your home

Benefits of Cellular Shades

Superior Insulation and Noise Reduction

The cells trap air making it an excellent product for insulation and sound.

Close up showing different cell sizes available for honeycomb shades
Side by side comparisons of the  opacity levels available for cellular shades

Light Filtering and Light Blocking Ability

These shades come in a variety of sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque and blackout fabrics.

Norman Portrait top down bottom shades set in various position on three windows in this master bathroom

Top down bottom up options
excellent option for light and privacy management.

Parasol duo-lucent-shade in horizontal and vertical orientations in this bedroom

Cellular Shades can cover sliding doors

Parasol cellular shades specialty shape options.

Great for covering Specialty Shaped Windows

Circle, Quarter Circle, Hexagon, Octagon, Arch-(stationary or as a Slide arch), Palladian Angle, Angle Top, Bottom Up Trapezoid, Or Top Down Trapezoid all can be covered.

Cellular Shades can cover skylight windows

Honeycomb Shades covering skylight windows
Cellular Shade For a sliding glass door

Here is a vertical cellular shade installed over a sliding glass door in a center stack position.

Red light filtering parasol cellular shades with the top down bottom up option. And a skylight cellular shade allow a touch of class and a splash of color in this art studio
Parasol Duo-Lucent Cellular Shade

Shades can be made with two different fabrics. This picture shows a sheer as the top fabric and a room darkening fabric being used for the bottom half of the shade. A great option for a bathroom due to its versatility.

Brands We Carry

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Parasol Cellular Shades

Norman Logo with Shutters blinds and Shades l

Portrait Honeycomb Shades

Videos of the unique features from our brands

Norman offers unique features like top down bottom up dual operable cellular shades.

Norman Motorization

Our Honeycomb Shades are the perfect combination of beauty and function. With their insulating properties, they can help lower your energy bills and keep your home comfortable year-round. Choose from a wide range of colors and styles to find the perfect fit for your home. Contact Elegant Touch now for an initial consultation and to schedule your " in home" appointment.

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