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Vertical Shades
Elegant Touch Interiors Inc.

Vertical Shades are the perfect solution for your sliding glass doors and large windows. Elegant Touch Interiors offers a wide selection of styles, colors and materials that will match your décor and enhance your comfort. These shades are designed for easy use and maintenance, making them ideal for everyday living.

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SmartDrape Shades are assembled with a series of individual vanes. The Light Filtering Vanes come in 7 Patterns which are offered in 7 neutral colors. The room darkening vanes come in 2 patterns which are offered in 6 neutral colors that are whites, creams and grays.

SmartDrape Sheer Vertical Logo

SmartDrape Shades

Features and Benefits

Walk Through Vanes-Smart Drape's innovative individual vane construction allows for unimpeded walk through even when the shade is closed.

Wide window and wide door solution-Each Smart Drape Shade can be made up to 12 feet wide. You can combine two to obtain 24 feet of coverage.

Easy to operate-Go from sheer to solid fabric with a simple twist of the wand. You can open or close the vanes completely by sliding the wand across the shade.

SmartDrape Sheer Verticals offer light control in this dining room
Smartdrape sheer verticals from Norman give a touch of class to this open family room
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Glissade Vertical Cellular Shades

Elegant Touch Interiors offers Vertical Cellular Shades, a versatile and practical window treatment solution for sliding doors. Not only do they add style to your space, but they also provide excellent insulation and sound absorption. The shades are configured to stack back tightly, revealing a clear and unobstructed view. You can also adjust them to different positions to suit your preferences.

Glissade Vertical Cellular Shade shown in its different stack positions

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Portrait Honeycomb Vertical Shades

Day night Portrait Vertical Cellular Shade in a sheer and room darkening fabric

Vertical cellular day/night option offers two different opacity fabrics. One sheer and one room darkening for optimal versatility for light control and privacy. Contact the experts at Elegant Touch Interiors to learn more!

Vertical Cellular Features and Benefits

Sound Absorption-Vertical Cellular shades have an excellent ability to dampen noise.

Flexible Light Control-come in 3 opacity levels (Sheer, light filtering and room darkening.

Child Safe-There are no exposed cords and operates smoothly

Various Stack Options-One way stack, center stack and split stack.

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Genesis Panel Track Shades

Elegant Touch Interiors can help you get a sleek and modern look with Panel Track Shades. They are easy to use and can be configured as a one-way draw on a split draw. Panel widths can be adjusted to the proper size for aesthetics and better functioning. With an expansive selection of fabrics, you can find the right shade to fit your needs. These shades give a clean look and are perfect for Sliding glass doors and large windows. 

Panel Track Shade Features and Benefits

Panel widths can be adjusted-Panels can be made in varying widths to suit your needs for that space.

Ease of operation-Smooth and quiet operation

Your choice of stack positions-These can be made to have  a split stack, left stack or right stack

Child Safe-Cordless Operation Available

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Manh Truc Panel Drapes

Find ultimate function and control in the natural aesthetics you crave with the textures of woven woods with panel drapes. Woven wood materials turned sideways allows for a traditional drapery look that is very smooth and easy to operate. Elegant Touch Interiors carries this fine product from Lafayette Interior Fashions.

Manh Truc Woven Wood Panel Drapes

As you can see, there are several choices for the vertical shade category. Contact Elegant Touch Interiors today and let one of our design experts come to your home to help you find the product that best suits your budget, style, and personality!

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