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Plantation Shutter Motorization
Elegant Touch Interiors Inc.

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Experience the utmost convenience with our motorized interior plantation shutters. The perfect combination of sophistication and functionality, the shutters can be controlled with an attractive remote (that can be attached to the wall), and we can easily integrate our motorized shutters into your home automation system to enjoy the highest level of control right from your phone or tablet. Rely on Elegant Touch Interiors expertise!

Perfect Tilt Motorization Logo

Motorization Features and Benefits

PerfectTilt Remote Control shown mounted on a wall
PerfectTilt Remote set on small round table

With Perfect Tilt Control a single shutter, a room of shutter or every shutter in the house via the convenient remote control or your Apple Mobile Device

When the use of your phone or tablet you can set up a security mode in which your plantation shutters operate while you are away via the app 

Apple devices can be used with Perfect Tilt Motorization
close up of battery pack with solar panel

No hard wiring needed. With Perfect Tilt each shutter panel has two rechargeable batteries that have solar panels. Charging is easy, generally  once a year you will need to plug a USB charger into the panel

motorization safety feature for all shutters keeps louvers from closing tightly when it feels resistance

Jam Protection-Perfect Tilt Keeps your motorized plantation shutters louvers from rotating when there is an obstruction.

IPhone and IPad controls with hub (optional)

Quick Response to tilt commands

5 pre-programmed louver positions and one custom position with remote. Up to 30 custom louver positions with app

Louvers can be tilted by hand, remote or app (via hub) without neither the need for for cutting the power source when you manually tilt the louvers.

High efficiency solar panel included for extended battery charge

Moisture Resistant module units

At Elegant Touch Interiors Inc., we know that motorized plantation shutters provide the perfect combination of elegance and convenience that any homeowner desires. Our team of experts is here to help you create a custom solution that suits your home's specific needs and style. Don't hesitate to call on us for unbeatable service and quality in motorized shutters.

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