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Interior Plantation Shutters

Our Interior Plantation Shutters are a timeless window treatment crafted from durable, sustainable wood or composite material. The shutters are fully customizable to match any decor and stand alone as a beautiful and practical addition to any room in your home. Experience the elegance and functionality of our shutters – Get in touch today to schedule a measurement and design consultation.

Interior shutters are the one product that can cover any window or door opening, no matter how large. They can even cover specialty-shaped windows, such as arch and angle-topped windows.

Some of the specialty shaped shutters. arch, angle top, round and rectangular
Contoured Top Normandy Wood Shutter in a bedroom
Normandy Shutters cover windows and a French door in this sitting room

Interior shutters can be customized in various ways to suit your requirements. The panels can be full-length or cafe-style, meaning they only cover the lower part of the window. They can also be double-hung, with a separate set for the top and bottom panels. Additionally, the number of panels and their stacking direction can be altered to meet your specific needs.

Norman Shutter Product Lines

Norman Shutters Blinds Shades Logo

If you are in search of high-quality shutters, look no further than Norman. They have been producing shutters for over 40 years and have a reputation for their excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. When you combine their premium shutters with our expertise, the final results will perfectly complement your space.

Wood Interior Shutters

Normandy Wood Shutters Logo
Normandy wood plantation shutters

Normandy is a "Top of the Line" wood plantation shutter made with 100% premium hardwood from luxuriously grained and durable Paulownia hardwood.

BrightWood shutters logo
Contoured Top Plantation Shutters

BrightWood Plantation Shutters offer the Best of both Worlds-Hardwood panels with Composite Frames. This is a more affordable option.

Composite Plantation Shutters

Woodlore Composite Shutters Logo
White Composite Shutters help this yellowish paint pop in this office

World's best-selling shutter! Woodlore is a

eco-friendly wood composite shutter with patented coating that comes with a lifetime guarantee on the finish.

Woodlore Plus Shutters Logo
White Woodlore Plus Shutter covering three contoured top windows look amazing against these medium yellow walls

Woodlore Plus is a wood composite hybrid shutter utilizing lightweight yet durable ABS for its louvers.

Features Available On Norman Shutters

InvisibleTilt-For those that would like a clean look without the tilt bar. Invisible tilt is a great upgrade.

recessed magnet on a shutter panel
recessed magnets in a shutter panel

Recessed Magnets-Magnets are embedded into each stile and frame. This provides a much cleaner look and a tighter closure.

Environmentally Friendly-Norman uses the highest grade eco-conscious composite wood along with sustainably sourced timber.   

Louver Sizes Available- 1 7/8, 2 1/2, 3, 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 Inches.

Motorization-You can add motorization to any Norman Shutter

Our experienced and well trained staff can help you determine which one of these products is the best option for you home. Schedule your free initial consultation with us to get started on your shutter project.

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