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The Ultimate Guide to Interior Shutters

Updated: Apr 10

Ultimate Guide To Interior Shutters

What is a interior plantation shutter? A interior shutter is a type of window treatment that is characterized by its louvers that tilt. Unlike blinds, shutters are made as panels that swing open into the room. Shutters are a timeless addition that can enhance any decor. They are manufactured out of wood or composite materials. The louver sizes range from 2 1/2 inches up to 4 1/2 inches which provides an amazing open view.

Wood Interior Shutters

Wood shutters are made from a variety of wood species. They can either be painted or stained. The species of wood will have a great influence on the finished look. Basswood and Paulownia woods are used for staining due to their strength, lightweight, and smooth grain. Poplar is mostly used for painted shutters. Many shutter manufacturers offer a custom paint color matching service for an additional charge.

Composite Interior Shutters

Composite shutters are made from a variety of products. The best-quality composite shutters are made from high-quality MDF or a high-grade polymer. The MDF shutters are robust and heavier so they have limitations on how wide the panels can be made, whereas the panels made from a polymer are much lighter and can therefore be made much wider. Composite shutters only come in a limited selection of paint finishes such as whites, grays, and beiges.

Four Unique Benefits of Interior Shutters:

  1. Shutters can fit any shaped window opening-They can fit perfectly in the angles of a bay or bow windows. They can also cover arches, angled tops, and Palladian windows. Circle and oval-shaped windows can be covered as well.

Shutters in various shapes to show how they can cover specialty shaped windows
Some Of The Specialty Shapes Available

2. Shutters can cover any door-Patio doors can either be made as a bi-fold (stack back) or by-pass (sliding shutter). French doors will have a cut-out that wraps around the door handle and lock mechanism.

3. Shutters are a child-safe product.-no dangerous cords!

4. Interior shutters can be configured to fit your needs-Panels can be full-length or cafe-style (the panels only cover a lower portion of the window). They can also be double-hung (with a separate top set and lower set of panels). The number of panels and their orientation can also be adjusted. For instance, a 48-inch window has the option of 2 or 4 panels, which could be hinged to the same or opposing sides.

When Purchasing Shutters, Here Are Some Things To Consider:

Are they Eco-Friendly?-A good quality shutter will be free from off-gassing and come from a sustainable source.

What is The Warranty? -A good warranty covers the shutters against twisting, peeling, and cracking and the finish for at least five years.

What is the cleanest Installation Method? -An inside-mount application is typically the best option if you have plenty of depth without obstacles, such as locks or cranks. If you have limited depth or an irregularly shaped window, then an outside-mount application is the best option.

How do you want the louvers to tilt?- with a tilt bar, without a tilt bar, or through motorization with a remote.

When it comes to Interior Shutters, Norman Window Fashions is the industry leader. All their products are VOC-safe and CARB-compliant. The panels have recessed magnets, which look much cleaner and have tighter closures. Norman also offers an invisible tilt for those who want a cleaner, crisp look and a better view.

Norman Shutter Product Lines

Normandy Wood Interior Shutters-Normandy is a "Top of the Line" wood plantation shutter made with 100% premium hardwood from luxuriously grained and durable Paulownia hardwood. The wood undergoes a unique wood prescription conditioning process that takes several months. The wood is set in warehouses with different humidity levels to acclimate the wood to its final installation location. This ensures the product will not warp, twist, or crack once installed. There are several paint and stained finishes, and custom paint color matching is available.

BrightWood Shutters: These are Real wood panels with composite frames, a more budget-friendly option. They are only offered in paint finishes.

Woodlore Composite Shutters-"The World's Best Selling Shutter." comes in 9 neutral paint finishes. Woodlore has a high-grade polypropylene coating that prevents moisture absorption and allows for easy cleaning. This unique coating has a patented UV inhibitor that protects the finish against fading and discoloration and comes with a Life Time Guarantee.

Woodlore Plus Composite Shutters-The louvers are made of lightweight yet durable ABS. This material is often used in high-end endurance applications for appliances, car parts, and helmets. The Frames are made with 100 % select hardwoods. This is much lighter than Woodlore, which allows the panels to be made wider. Woodlore Plus is offered in 27 painted finishes.

When it comes to interior shutters, an expert can help you determine which shutter product best suits your situation and needs. Shutters are so intricate that it helps to have experts design, measure, and install them. Lastly, the proper design will allow for a clean-looking installation and louvers that tilt freely.

Choose Elegant Touch Interiors For Your Interior Plantation Shutter Project!!

Our experts have over 30 years of experience measuring, designing, and installing interior shutters. Though a Pittsburgh-based company, we have done several shutter projects in other cities across the United States. We have installed plantation shutters on every type of window imaginable. Our insight ensures that there will be an excellent, clean installation. We aim to provide our clients with the highest quality shutters at Elegant Touch Interiors.

Contact Elegant Touch Interiors so we can get started on your project!


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