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Norman Vertical Blinds

Custom Vertical Blinds

If you're in need of window treatments for large windows or sliding glass doors, our Vertical Blinds are the perfect solution. Choose from an array of colors and styles to match your decor. Our quality Vertical Blinds are made to last and provide excellent light and privacy control. 

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Synchrony is a modernized vertical blind with these unique features:

Better Light Control-The patented "Aileron" Headrail has a built in light stop the drops over the slats as they are tilted to the closed position.

Valance Free-The headrail is sleek and attractive. There is no need for a valance

Child Safe-There are no cords or beaded chains.

Synchrony Vertical Blinds
Synchrony Vertical Blinds
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Discoveries Vertical Blinds

Discoveries Vertical Blinds provide a clean look in this modern family room
Vertical Blind
Discoveries Vertical Blinds give just enough light control in this office setting

If you love the practicality, simple function and beauty of vertical blinds. We have two quality brands to offer you. Contact us today to schedule your in home appointment.

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